...few live in one!

A Truly Unique Italian Experience...

Castello (Castle) Balzola is located just across the Po river from the rolling hills of the Monferrato (2014 UNESCO World Heritage site) within the legendary Piemonte region of Northern Italy. Perfectly situated at the near center-point between Milan and Turino and Genoa, Castle Balzola is the ideal home-base to explore the unspoiled mountain top towns, churches, wine and spirits, culinary diversity, biking, hiking and photographic vistas of one of Italy’s remaining hidden gems. 

A Living Legacy...

The Neo-Gothic Castle Balzola was built in late 1920’s by famed designer and architect Carrera. The Castle itself sits atop an ancient circular “ghiacciaia” icebox which is still visible from the ground floor today. 


Soaring eight stories, Castle Balzola’s main tower climbs more than 30 meters above the quiet town of Balzola, offering views of the surrounding hill-top villages of the Monferrato and into the snow-capped Italian Alps beyond. The Castle is surrounded by walled battlements, wrapped in external and internal staircases, balconies, and terraces and historic gardens adorned with fountains, stonework and sculptures. 


Inside, Castle Balzola has an intricately designed chapel, original furnishings by Aldo Boggione; inlaid doors, stained glass designed by artist and Professor XXX Siletti and made by the Janni Company of Turino. The walls are covered with silk and paintings by Angelo Bigatto; chandeliers made from Murano glass, forged and wrought iron; and floors of parquet, stone, and mosaic, flow from one room to the next. 


Throughout, Castle Balzola is a unique and lasting example of the high-quality art and craftsmanship true to the era and style of original building.

...lovingly maintained and restored

...for a new generation.

In 2007, Italian and American mosaic artists Daniela Garofalo and Dominic Panziera (and their two children) purchased Castle Balzola and set about the work of lovingly restoring and retaining its essential mystique, charm and character. To this they’ve added modern amenities (new condensing boiler, thermostatic radiators, certified electrical systems, etc…) as well as significant aesthetic improvements including over 150 square meters of mosaic of natural stone terraces on the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th floors. These terraces with their stunning views have now become focal points for events, ceremonies and even daily meals. 

“What a fabulous castle you have..warm and inviting and within an hour we knew half the towns people by name! Having the children's park next door was a plus, hearing the laughter and watching the mom’s meet there from the castle walls in the afternoons was very special too. All in all, it was a real Italian experience.”


Dominic Panziera & Daniela Garofalo




Castle Balzola is available for rent, special occasions, film production and more.

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